Putting the A&R Hat back on again FT – submissions

Putting the A&R hat back on again FT.

Looking for amazing, career oriented artists and music.

To submit material, please complete the form below, and make sure to list the following:

  • Name
  • Genre & known talent you would file yourselves next to
  • Links to material – music, video, credits, portfolios, etc.
  • Social Media links and stats (following, likes, plays, etc.)
  • Any other stats: live following, radio play, awards, etc.
  • Any other important links or things we should know about
  • Contact information
[space height=”HEIGHT”] A few notes:

  • Audio quality is not a deciding factor, talent is.
  • Please send links to material, not files.
  • For music, singing a cover is ok if you cannot record and submit an original.


Due to overwhelming volume, feedback is not guaranteed.

For guaranteed feedback please consider Music ConsultingA&R Consulting or another similar service.

[space height=”HEIGHT”] Thanks for your interest.

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