Artist and Label Services

In a rapidly evolving industry that’s becoming more and more do-it-yourself, Launchpad’s Artist and Label Services division offers independent artists, labels, management companies and other talents and organizations that work outside the traditional major label system the opportunity to leverage a full-service, one-stop, turnkey solution that provides all the functions and expertise of a large record label, while allowing clients the flexibility to retain control and ownership of their music, copyrights and all assets and key parameters of its creation and release.

It’s the A&R, artist development, marketing, promotional, sales and distribution muscle of a record label without the strings attached, allowing artists and companies to create instant start-up labels utilizing the power and strategic expertise of industry experts from around the world.

The division is led by founder Steve Tramposch, whose experience features a number of successful titles as a Senior A&R executive for several of the world’s leading music companies, including Capitol, Virgin, Elektra, Eleven Seven, Billboard and more, where he’s been instrumental in the early discovery of numerous artists signed across multiple genres that would later result in the worldwide sale of tens of millions of albums to date.

Some of the labels / music companies Steve’s worked for as an exec:


Whether you are established or just starting out, our seasoned industry experts work with you to identify your objectives and formulate first-rate, individually tailored and multi-faceted solutions to help address your business needs, accomplish your goals, and insure maximum return on investment. Our team then crafts the perfect plan, scaled and customized to meet your specific business objectives and based on any budget.

A few notes:

  • Launchpad’s Artist and Label Services is an all-encompassing platform that replaces the services of a traditional record label for the development, marketing, and release of material into the marketplace. If you are not in the market for such a full-service option, we recommend learning more about what we do to see if another service is right for you. In addition, a sampling of some of the services offered individually or as part of a custom plan can be found here, and for a complete list of services click here.
  • On a select basis, the platform allows access to an additional level of service options, including funding, licensing and/or distribution through a network of trusted partners, and more.
  • Artist and Label Services is not a traditional record label itself but does partner with projects for release through the Launchpad branded label on a case-by-case basis. For more information see label.

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