Music Catalog Sales and Acquisitions

Launchpad’s Music Catalog Sales and Acquisitions division works with artists, their representatives, estates, labels, publishing companies, financial organizations and more, both sellers and buyers, to help sell and/or acquire music IP rights and/or royalty streams.

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, investors see such music acquisitions as a sound way of diversifying portfolios with a predictable, sustainable income stream.

Launchpad utilizes the power and strategic expertise of industry and financial experts from around the world, offering the opportunity to leverage a full-service, one-stop, turnkey solution that provides all the functions and expertise needed to sell and/or acquire music assets through a range of deal structures.

We work across genres and specialize in:

  • Masters Catalog Sales and Acquisitions
  • Publishing Catalog Sales and Acquisitions
  • Songwriter Royalty Streams
  • Artist and Producer Royalties
  • Passive Royalties
  • Other Royalties and copyrights
  • Other Entertainment IP
  • Full or Partial Interests

Our seasoned industry experts work with you to identify your objectives and formulate first-rate, individually tailored and multi-faceted solutions to help address your business needs, accomplish your goals, and insure maximum return on investment.

The division is led by founder Steve Tramposch, whose experience features a number of successful titles as a Senior A&R executive for several of the world’s leading music companies, including Capitol, Virgin, Elektra, Eleven Seven, Billboard, EMI and more, where he’s been instrumental in the early discovery of numerous artists signed across multiple genres that would later result in the worldwide sale of tens of millions of albums to date.

Some of the labels / music companies Steve’s worked for as an exec:


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