Research Services

Launchpad’s Research Services division delivers actionable results for creative talents, brands and businesses alike. Our seasoned entertainment research professionals formulate first-rate, multi-faceted research plans customized to meet your specific business objectives.

Launchpad taps into various methodologies, such as quantitative and qualitative methods, social media monitoring, secondary research and trend scouting networks in order to meet your unique business needs. This customized research, along with our rich knowledge and expertise of the music and entertainment industries ensures that we provide our clients with insightful and actionable analyses and fact-based business recommendations.

Following is a sample of the research services that we offer:

Music Research:

  • A&R Research – identifying new talents where telltale signs of a genuine consumer reaction can be measured at the earliest, most accurate level to insure maximum success, profitability and return on investment (for more see A&R Consulting).
  • Music Testing – testing music’s potential for success: reaction, familiarity, appeal, burn rate and all associated demographics, songs or artists that resonate with consumers, who and where to target campaigns, releases, tour dates, and more.
  • Consumer Behavior – what drives current music and movie industry trends and consumption patterns?
  • Brand Affiliation – what music is most suitable for brand partnerships and advertising?
  • Media Affiliation – what music is most suitable for Television and Movies?

Trend Research:

  • Observations of emerging, existing, and declining trends in youth culture, as well as predictions for future trends. Includes implementation of Launchpad’s Trend Research Scouting Program.

Movie & Video:

  • Movie and video testing – What potential does my project have across various distribution channels? What is my audience’s demographic profile?
  • Movie trailer testing – How effective is my trailer in driving interest, how can it be optimized?

Big project or small, long-term or short, individuals to start-ups to major corporations alike, our seasoned industry experts can craft the perfect plan, scaled and customized to meet your specific business objectives and based on any budget.

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