Steve Tramposch has been instrumental in the early discovery of artists signed across multiple genres that have resulted in the worldwide sale of over 70 million albums to date.

Below is a small sampling of the accolades he's received over the course of his career: 

"One of the most talented record people I've ever worked with."

  • Jason Flom - CEO LAVA Records, former chairman of Atlantic Records and Virgin Records/Capitol Music Group, Founding Board Member of the Innocence Project; author, Wrongful Conviction podcast host, advocate for those who have allegedly been wrongfully convicted, founder of The Church of Rock and Roll


"Steve assisted with domestic violence awareness while I was executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, a great band Steve managed, worked with NCADV to promote awareness through the song "Face Down." They did events associated with a tour the year it came out, and provided great resources for teens experiencing abuse through that effort. Partners like Steve and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are rare in the non-profit world, and I really appreciate his vision and support to end violence in the home."

  • Rita Smith - International Expert on Violence Against Women, Former Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)


"Steve is a one-of-a-kind music and entertainment professional with a deep network of industry relationships and keen eye for spotting new trends and opportunities first. Steve's relationships, industry and otherwise, exist not only because of his unique skills in the professional and musical spheres, but also because he is an all around great person. Whatever he is working on is likely to be the next big thing, because otherwise, neither Steve, nor anyone he is working with, would be doing it. Passion, vision and collaboration are all things that can be expected if you're lucky enough to be working with Steve."

  • Richard Zelson, Founder & CEO at MyStream


"Steve Tramposch is a brilliant entertainment executive. He was responsible for bringing International artist Che'Nelle to Virgin Records as well as launching the career of Platinum recording act Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. He is an unsung star in the music business with a real track record for success. I can't wait to work with him again.”

  • Charles Dixon, President/CEO, SCIP Records


"Steve Tramposch has been a long-time music industry ‘compadre’ of mine. Frankly, I don't know many folks that have his deep and broad experience across the entire music ecosystem."

  • Andreas Wuerfel, Former Dir. Innovation & Tech. Scouting, Deutsche Telekom, Billboard Talent Net


"Not only does Steve have a great ear/eye for talent, but he delivers results for his acts and truly gets the importance and impact of strategic integrated marketing in music.”

  • Aric Webb, Former SVP Strategic Marketing, Virgin Records - Capitol Music Group


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Steve since the late 90s, and have seen his incredible passion for the artists he has worked with across his many roles. He has proved prescient in his evaluations of top musical talent, and I always look forward to hearing about the acts he is working with because I know I will be hearing about them for years to come."

  • Peter Kohan, Billboard Talent Net


“Steve put Flickerstick on a Billboard CD way back when. This directly led to the VH-1 show "Bands On the Run" and then a deal with Epic. Great guy with excellent taste! I certainly owe him one...”

  • Paul Bassman, Artist Manager


“Your contributions have helped fund The NARAS Foundation’s education programs, which through collaborations and initiatives designed to advance music education, aim to strengthen our public education system and our culture-at-large."

  • Michael Greene, Former President, NARAS (Grammy's), New York, NY


"The good guys are going to win when all the dust settles and you are one of them!"


A sampling of artists discovered, signed, A&R’d, managed, produced and more is available upon request.