Tech Consulting

Tech consulting services for companies, brands, and talent, including music strategy, concept development, innovation, growth acceleration, marketplace guidance, partnerships, team building, capital raise and more.

Launchpad’s Tech Consulting division works with companies, brands and talent of all shapes, sizes and stages of development on a variety of campaigns, identifying their objectives and formulating first-rate, individually tailored and multi-faceted project and consulting solutions to help address a client’s business needs, accomplish their goals and insure maximum return on investment.

We help identify new companies, products and technologies and help strategize, innovate, and accelerate their growth, understand their marketplace, form partnerships, build teams, raise capital, develop, curate and acquire content and more.

Launchpad provides its clients with an inside path to specialist expertise and advice, a vast network of global relationships, insider knowledge, insight, and opportunities and a flexible system to help navigate the constantly changing marketplace.

Includes overall strategy and concept development, product development, marketing, product management, brand consulting, strategic partnerships, artist and industry relations, assistance brokering deals and opportunities, licensing, content development, social media, brand integration and more.

The division is led by founder Steve Tramposch, whose experience includes extensive, first-hand involvement with social media and music-facing tech since the mid 90’s.

Big project or small, long-term or short, individuals to start-ups to major corporations alike, our seasoned industry experts can craft the perfect plan, scaled and customized to meet your specific business objectives and based on any budget.

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