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Launchpad Media is proud to present Tech Consulting client MyStream, with Launchpad founder Steve Tramposch also part of the leadership team.

MyStream enables the real-time, wireless, social sharing of content directly between multiple mobile devices and users, all without the need to ever connect to an external server.

This first-mover, patent-pending technology enables users to stream digital content (currently audio files) directly between devices, and even tap into other user’s live playing tracks to hear the same audio file, synchronously and in real time, as it is being played / enjoyed / streamed by the host device.

This new and cutting edge technology has created an entirely new way for people to engage with, and share digital content with others via their smart-phones, tablets, and soon even desktop computers and other devices. In fact, MyStream’s foundational technology is one of the mobile industry’s most advanced peer-to-peer data streaming technologies currently on the market.


The stand-alone platform currently can leverage either Bluetooth or WiFi for dynamic and secure communication directly between multiple users, all without the need to ever connect to an external server. The technology platform, which works on iOS and Android devices, also has unlimited potential for facilitating all types of futuristic and valuable communication utilities, for both consumer as well as commercial facing verticals.

Download MyStream for free at the iTunes Store, and be first-in-line for future product updates, including our upcoming launch compatible with the latest iOS and Android operating systems.

MyStream’s lean and capital efficient leadership:

Richard Zelson

Founder & CEO
• Chief Visionary & Technology Evangelist.
• MyStream originally borne of necessity & desire…to share friends’ music, not their ear-buds.
• Raised $1.3M to develop & launch MyStream, with over $800K in R&D required / leveraged to build our innovative foundational technology.
• Featured in Investors Business Daily, The LA Times, Mashable, Fox Business News, NBC Chicago,VentureBeat, The Next Web, Fast Company and others as a next generation thought leaders & speaker.
• Trinity College graduate with a BA in Economics.

Richard Cooperstein

Chairman of the Board of Directors
• Senior Managing Partner, Media Investment Group, with vast experience in both the content and social media industries.
• Richard has held operating roles in some of the most influential media and technology corporations worldwide, including Facebook, Disney, Viacom and Time Warner/Warner Bros. International.
• In his Facebook role, Richard was a Director serving as the original Head of International Business Development and Strategy, playing a pivotal role in growing the social network from 50M users to 500M users globally. In total, Richard brings more than 20 years of highly relevant industry experience.

Steve Tramposch (small)

Lead – Music Industry, Business Development & Strategic Relations
• Award winning innovator with over 20 years experience at some of the world’s leading companies in music, social media, TV, film, and publishing, for major corporations & startups alike.
• Includes titles as a Senior Executive for Capitol Records, Virgin Records, Warner Music/Elektra, Eleven Seven, EMI/Chrysalis/SBK, with a Billboard startup regarded as the first music social networking site on the web, as an artist manager and more.
• Expertise includes: Content, A&R, Marketing, Social, Partnerships, Business Development, Industry Relations, PR, Research, Company/Team Building, and more.
• More on Steve here, follow Steve here.

Matt Kirmayer 2MATT KIRMAYER
Outside General Counsel. Partner, Lowenstein Sandler
• Matt is a Partner in Lowenstein Sandler’s Tech Group in the firm’s Palo Alto office.
• Matt works with new technologies and the entrepreneurs that develop and bring those technologies to market, and focuses his practice on the representation of emerging technology companies, venture capital and private equity funds, and institutional investors.
• Matt has practiced corporate law for more than two decades, and has worked on hundreds of financings, IPOs and M&A transactions.
• Matt often serves the role of general counsel, advising on formation, assisting with introductions to, and negotiations with, angel and venture capital investors and, when it all works to plan, an IPO or sale transaction.
• More on Matt here.

Chief Technology Advisor
• Founder & President of Thaumaturguix, Inc. an 18 year old technology consulting company, based in NYC, whose current clients include Hearst Corp, Hewlett Packard, & Oxygen Media, among others.
• A successful technology entrepreneur since 1989, with more than 30 Internet startups under his belt, some of which have gone on the be industry leaders, had lucrative IPOs, or been sold at a substantial profit to their investors.
• MIT Graduate.

Much more to come.


“Awesome App” – Rolling Stone
“A music lover’s dream…and it’s easy as pie to use” –
“MyStream looks great, sets up easily, and couldn’t be much easier to use” –


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