Steve Tramposch

Steve in red

An award-winning Senior A&R executive and producer, instrumental in the early discovery and/or production of artists signed across multiple genres that have resulted in more than 70 million albums sold to date.

Currently VP A&R for Eleven Seven Music, with past senior A&R titles at Capitol, Virgin, Elektra, EMI, Billboard, and more.

Pre-production and creative guidance on an instinctive and intuitive level to get your songs where they need to be.

Over 20 years at Major and Indie labels, Steve plays nearly 10 instruments in some capacity. Raised in a musical environment and trained as a child in piano, brass, percussion, and more, he picked up bass guitar, guitar, and a number of other instruments, studied advanced music theory, and began honing his recording skills via a 4-track cassette tape multi-track recorder.

Steve records primarily out of other studios, but has the capability to work out of his own. Steve has a right-hand engineer that assists, or could work with another. All costs to be factored in a final budget.

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