Launchpad is proud to announce our new Music Tech Consulting client, MyStream.

MyStream 8:14

Launchpad Media is proud to announce our new Tech Consulting client MyStream.

MyStream is a free mobile to mobile social music streaming technology enabling multiple users the ability to eliminate the cumbersome practice of sharing headphones or using a splitter in order to enjoy listening to music with a small or large group of friends. Music fans can wirelessly share music and audio files via Bluetooth or WiFi, on a bus, subway in a dorm, café or while walking in the park. The application promotes social community audio sharing with others and promotes music industry Artists, Albums and Songs.

Download MyStream for free at the Apple App Store.

“Awesome App” – Rolling Stone
“A music lover’s dream…and it’s easy as pie to use”
“MyStream looks great, sets up easily, and couldn’t be much easier to use…Silent Discos! Now you can throw a silent disco anywhere you want” –



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