Artist Development

Artist Development in the Music Business

(Originally published via Music Career Blueprint, Launchpad’s new platform for music consulting / artist development, including one-to-ones, an e-course training system, group setting programs, and more.) In this post, we’re going to talk about something that‘s changed over the years and has become something of a lost art in the music business – Artist Development. Originally, the concept of Artist Development in the music business was …

Steve Tramposch – live video and radio interview

Steve Tramposch stopped by last night to tape his second live video and radio interview for SM Enlightenment TV. Topics included Launchpad, his career, state of the modern music business, A&R, and more. Steve’s segment starts at approximately 41:00, click on the photo below to view the video. For more information on Launchpad click here. For more on SME TV click …

Berklee College of Music Salary Guide

Boston’s Berklee College of Music salary guide, a new study detailing salary ranges and areas of growth across the music business. Musicians, performance, writing, business, audio technology, engineers, A&R, education, music therapy, and more. Click photo below for the full pdf report.

Inventing David Geffen

Fantastic PBS documentary on music and entertainment mogul David Geffen, whose far-reaching influence — as agent and manager, record industry mogul, Hollywood and Broadway producer, and billionaire philanthropist — has helped shape American popular culture for the past four decades. Click  on the image below to view.